Learning experiences

Enhance your abilities to shape a philanthropy powered by belonging, where communities tap into their own assets, leadership and problem-solving capacities.

Our approach to learning focuses on building core capabilities. 

We create accessible knowledge materials, host workshops to dive deeper into areas of practice and curate in-person visits to community foundations.

The essential feature

Learning is an essential feature of organizations that are able to create new opportunities for development in increasingly complex global, national and local contexts.
We work with leaders of community foundations and support organizations to strengthen their abilities to be responsive, creative and nimble in their work of starting structures for collaboration at different levels of action.

Our approach

Discovering the building blocks

The knowledge base we draw from combines theory with practices harvested from different community foundation movements across the world.
Practitioners and supporters are continuously testing principles, introducing new practices and creating fresh insights that can serve the entire field, especially professionals who are currently opening up new spaces for community foundation movements to emerge.

Map key stages

Building movements is not a linear process. Seeing the big picture and key stages helps set milestones and intentionally design the steps towards building a vibrant movement.

Build core capabilities

Strengthening essential skills yields results. The learning experiences we create focus on the five building blocks of an impactful community foundation practice.

Learn by doing

Knowing is not enough to influence change. The best learning space is daily practice, as intentions are carried into your organization, your relationships and ways of working.

  1. Discover the CF model
  2. Build the support organization
  3. Develop alliances and fundraise
  4. Find and inspire future CF leaders
  5. Accompany CF initiatives
  6. Support young community foundations
  7. Support the CF movement
  8. Evaluate progress and design for the future

Each stage can be zoomed in on and broken down into steps.

For example, Capsule #1 focuses on the elements of stage 1 – discovering the CF model. 

Capsule #3 focuses on the steps in stages 2 to 4 – supporting initiative groups to become community foundations. 

  1. Community engagement
  2. Fund development
  3. Grant making
  4. Governance
  5. Strategic design

Each core capability can be zoomed in on and imagined as a learning goal. 

The Capsule #3 Booster presents learning experiences that support organizations can design into their accompaniment program to stimulate the development of core abilities.

  1. Articulate your vision
  2. Design and test experiments
  3. Reflect and iterate

Each practice can be zoomed in on to consider how it is applied in the everyday work of your organization, in different processes. 

For support organizations, the Capsule #3 Booster shows these practices at play in the process of accompanying initiative groups seeking to become community foundations. 

Knowledge Capsules

Explore video journeys into the value, practices and impact of community foundations
The capsules are created to help you spark your partners’ imagination, inspire potential founders and configure your own steps towards supporting initiative groups and community foundations.

Each capsule has around 20 anchor points organized by key stages, from the opportunities that community foundations have to be organizations for the future, to their role within a local ecosystem of development. 

They include insights on the core capabilities that sustain a successful support practice.