Community of practice
Discover how the field is growing internationally. 

Share practices and find answers to new questions.

Grow your resourceful people asset base. 

We curate spaces for conversations that bridge geographies. 

Connect with the pioneers helping new initiatives to emerge and with leaders consolidating transformative community foundation movements.

Architects designing together

We set out to assemble systems for collaboration, knowing from experience the difference that having support structures can make in our countries’ civic and social ecosystems.

How this scaffolding is imagined – its roles, resources and relationships – and then set up contributes to the capacity of community foundations to act as support structures themselves, locally, compounding the transformations that a connected field of community philanthropy actors can have at the country level.

Our approach

Cultivating a field of strategic practice

Practicing creativity, connectedness and responsiveness – these are the threads running through the community spaces we curate for emergent and experienced leaders growing the community foundation field globally.
In this work, we preach the power of community, but sometimes forget of our own. Counting on a community of generous peers to share experiences, address questions about practice and think together responses to new challenges gives strength.
It also gives space to reconnect to our stance as designers and strategists that cultivate quality practices in our philanthropy ecosystems.

Practitioners Map

Discover the people assets of the field and put yourself on the map
Know who to connect with in different countries based on your current interests and flag yourself as a resource for other practitioners.
To help peers discover each other’s work, questions and experience, we are building a map of practitioners supporting community foundations movement in different countries and at different stages of development.