Inspiring collaborative
architecture for change.

We believe community foundations have the power to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. We help changemakers build them fit for purpose. 



INSPIRE is a global program for architects of change.


We help change-makers build community foundations that have the ambition and the capabilities of catalyzing local transformation.


We develop creative and effective learning and peer networking
experiences for community foundations practitioners – initiators, their
supporters and ecosystem partners – to energize and inspire a global
movement responsive to this century’s imperative to innovate. 

Designing multiple ways of learning and connecting.


Our partners are themselves builders of tools, support 
programs and organizations.

They boldly lean into the complexity of starting and consolidating organizational architectures intended for 

perpetuity at a time when foresight and long term planning seem out of reach.


With their challenges in mind, we design learning, coaching and community of practice experiences to build

new skills, surface examples of inspiring practice and generate actionable insights for their work.












Open conversations
to join in on.

Making sense of knotty dilemmas in

conversation is something of a hobby of ours.

Complexity doesn’t have to mean tedious. We love to play around with different formats and imagine new ways of communicating what we find exciting about community foundations – their transformational potential. 

Our impact ambition: 
Practitioners become the catalysts

of their own philanthropy ecosystems.


Our theory of change is that continuously learning, adaptable and connected professionals who elevate their practice in conversation with their international peers can better influence the way their own philanthropy ecosystems operate.


We see them as reflective architects that seed and nurture visionary entrepreneurship,    make convincing cases for locally rooted and globally connected community foundations, and design creative and engaging processes to convene more changemakers to join the field.

Who we work with


Practitioners who want to build this kind of transformative community foundations and their
support ecosystems.




Are discovering the concept of community foundations and want to bring

it into their countries.





Seeing community foundations
mobilize local assets and create
new development opportunities is
what drives us.





We have lasting partnerships with practitioners and philanthropy

support organizations who help
drive global change.


What happens next

Design you path

Join the international community of practitioners

Are you looking to help community foundations transform their communities into hopeful and prosperous places?

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The Association for the Practice of Transformation (APT) supports the intentional and systemic transformations of individuals, organizations, communities and societies by stimulating collaboration, research, learning, social innovation and strategic thinking.

INSPIRE is a program powered by APT with the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

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We are a Romania-based nonprofit legal entity. Most of our team is based in Romania, UTC+3.

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