Knowledge Capsule #1

The Value and Specificity of Community Foundations

in new and changing contexts

Knowledge Capsule #1 The Value of Community Foundations


This capsule is designed for Community Foundations in new contexts, where there is little experience with this organizational form, but there is interest to explore and learn, and where examples from other contexts may be useful. Especially relevant for:


New and seasoned practitioners with an interest in the community foundation concept, who want to understand them or champion this form of organizing social energies at the level of local communities.

Community foundations support organizations who want to make a case for why community foundations are important in their national context, explain their unique value proposition and discover new ways to structure, communicate qualities and foster conversations and learning experiences in their own spaces.


Inspire people around the world
It has been great! Not just the people that we have met, but actually understanding better how to approach this kind of institution or organization and the impact that they have on the community. I am really grateful for this experience. I have taken a lot of new ideas on how we can do this and promote community foundations in Colombia because right now, after these 3 days, I’m sure they are worth it.
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What are community foundations and how they are distinct from other organizations?

Table of Contents

Each section can be consulted online or downloaded below. Each topic has its own video which can followed by clicking on the video icon. To download the full capsule  or access the video version of the story click on the relevant buttons here.

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Funds as Key Mechanism

Grantmaking for Development

In Practice: Inspiration from Romania

Fuel for Thought: CFs as 21st century organizations

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