June 8 - 10, 2021


A virtual conference about community foundations and their supporters as architects of change

Hello, changemaker.

How would you feel about thinking like an architect for a couple of days?

A special kind of architect. 

One who designs structures to support communities in recognizing, mobilizing and amplifying resources to nurture a sense of possibility.

Who will you meet

We will explore the world of community foundations from a builder’s perspective, with support functions at the core.

You will meet international practitioners from community foundations, their support organizations, as well as regional and global ecosystem partners to look at each one’s roles, strategies and practices within the change ecosystem that community foundations catalyze.

Explore with peers

At INSPIRE, we think that holding a systems-level view while zooming in on practices can come with powerful insights and reveal actionable opportunities.
This three-day virtual global event invites philanthropy professionals and enthusiasts to attend and engage in inspiring discussions to understand how we can better work together towards the philanthropy of tomorrow.

Join the conversation

We envision Thinkfrastructure as a space for dialogue about the support roles and strategies that cultivate strong community foundations movements.

Day One

We focus on the strategic roles of community foundations as local infrastructure organizations for citizen initiatives and giving.

Day Two

We build dialogue with peers on the strategic roles of community foundations support organizations as catalysts of long term change.

Day Three

We draw conclusions and explore the ingredients of collaborative and learning community foundation movements and systems of support.

Do you have a burning question?

Strategy Game

You are the architect of your community, but you only have resources for one construction. What would you choose?
Luis Salcedo
Luis SalcedoLocal bank
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A local bank, so you can have further resources for broad investments in the community.
Cecile Leroy
Cecile LeroyLibrary
Read More
A library where people can study to understand more about their community history and future, build a vision and skills.
Eva Pavlović
Eva PavlovićCommunity square
Read More
A community square where people can meet to exchange goods, ideas and build relationships.
Tomas Brose
Tomas BroseRadio station
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A radio station where people can learn about news, leaders, good examples and show their support.
Ana Gomez
Ana GomezTransport station
Read More
A transport station that takes people inside the community and out, with a map and inspiration for movement.

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