Knowledge Capsules

Written and video journeys into the value, the making and the impact of community foundations and their supporting ecosystem.

Community foundations are a powerful and proven organizational model for place and people driven philanthropy. They multiply a community’s assets, growing people’s sense of self-reliance.


Our Knowledge Capsules show you how community foundations work and what are the steps to help set them up in your own context.

The capsules are created to help you spark your partners’ imagination, inspire potential founders and configure your own steps towards supporting initiative groups and community foundations.

Each section can be consulted online or downloaded below. Each topic has its own video which can followed by clicking on the video icon. To download the full capsule  or access the video version of the story click on the relevant buttons here. There is a special navigation system inside each capsule to help you move quickly to your destination. 

Knowledge Capsule #1

The Value and Specificity of Community Foundations

in new and changing contexts

This capsule is designed for Community Foundations in new contexts, where there is little experience with this organizational form, but there is interest to explore and learn, and where examples from other contexts may be useful. 

Especially relevant for:

New and seasoned practitioners with an interest in the community foundation concept, who want to understand them or champion this form of organizing social energies at the level of local communities.

Community foundations support organizations who want to make a case for why community foundations are important in their national context, explain their unique value proposition and discover new ways to structure, communicate qualities and foster conversations and learning experiences in their own spaces.

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Knowledge Capsule #3

Support practices for New Community Foundations

Build up a strong practice to catalyze a movement of local philanthropy that builds capacity for community-led development. How can a movement be ignited and supported to grow?  

Support organizations are community foundations’ first national-level allies. They speak of a vision for vibrant and confident communities, connect with leaders invested in that shared vision and together build resources to pave the road to that desired future.

Our newest capsule supports the supporters by creating a map for this adventure, from the initial idea, through a vision of change to finding committed local leaders. Check the Capsule Booster below to help co-create with local leaders initial local experiments that build skills, capacities and commitment. 

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Knowledge Capsule #3


Core Capabilities for Starting Community Foundations

Knowing is not enough to influence change. The best learning space is daily practice, as intentions are carried into your organization, your relationships and ways of working.

Strengthening essential skills yields results. The learning experiences we create focus on the four building blocks of an impactful community foundation practice: community engagement, fund development, grant-making and governance. 


The Capsule #3 Booster presents learning experiences that support organizations can design into their accompaniment program to stimulate the development of core abilities. 

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