Coaching for action

Innovate in your practice effective ways of building a generous, collaborative and impactful community foundation movement.

Our coaching comes with a bias for action.
We act as partners for dialogue to help clarify distinctions, surface opportunities in changing contexts and support informed decision-making.

Courage to open new space

Creating space for a shared vision to emerge, establishing trusting relationships and acting collaboratively in environments with many stakeholders and different perspectives takes courage.
The philanthropy that community foundations cultivate in their territories can transform the way the social change sector operates. It shows the effects of pooling and giving trust, opening space for possibility and shifting the perception from scarcity to opportunities created in collaboration.

Our approach

Sensemaking, experimenting, iterating

We center our coaching on articulating clear intentions, designing actionable experiments and reflecting, learning and improving.
This experimental action approach comes from our own experience as support professionals working in changing contexts. Creative responses to challenges and opportunities generate new relationships and field-tested insights, setting in motion cycles of learning, adapting and growing.

Team Coaching

Engage with experienced practitioners who can walk the road alongside you
Lean on guidance tailored to your own journey as a guide, advocate and field builder for the powerful architecture for change that are community foundations.
Team coaching sessions are especially useful when prioritization is in order, to make sense of the many things on your plate and focus on the most important work. Building a support system in partnership with key allies with complementary capacities is a common thread in coaching sessions.